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August 2020

The Mountaineering FAQ Always imagined yourself as a bucking new explorer, frosty-faced, wrapped in fur and taking natures punches straight to the face? Excellent. Mountains are the place the be, in that case, as they are almost guaranteed to give the senses a good kicking. But climbing mountains is a very broad topic, and it's quite the trick to know exactly where to start, especially as a beginner and pick your next Earth Lump to conquer. So, In the spirit of making things easier, we've created a list of

  Antarctica. Arguably the most famous continent for exploration in its raw and natural form, and rightly so. The breathtaking landscapes, seemingly impenetrable from afar, swooping along the horizon as far as you can see are truly a sight to behold. It’s almost unimaginable, the enormity and power of the impact it can have on a person, when they gaze upon the white masses for the first time as they edge into view. The Antarctic, truly, is the embodiment of exploration and adventure. Very few people ever get to

At Echio, we scout The Earth to find the most daring, exciting and ridiculous expeditions and adventures, and we help you plan your expedition using our planning tool. So we'd like to take the time to explain what the heck an expedition challenge is, and hopefully spark the spirit of adventure in your explorer-heart. What is an expedition challenge?   Expedition {noun: a journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration or research}   An expedition challenge is attempting a particularly unusual, exciting or daring journey,

What are the differences between the Arctic and Antarctic? It’s easy to imagine the Arctic and Antarctic as the same thing, no one would blame you as visually it might be hard to tell the difference without having any experience of either. So, we’ve put together some key differences between the two, and how this impacts expeditions to the North and South Poles and more. There are several differences we can break down by category: Climate Wildlife  Geography   Arctic and Antarctic animals     In general, there are far more species of animals living

  When it comes to expedition planning, there really is a balance to be had. Too much detail and you'll know what's around every corner, too little and you could find yourself in quite a bit of doo-doo. Here are our 5 ways to balance the planning of your trip to maximise adventure.   Our adventure planning tool helps you plan your expedition perfectly.   Take calculated risks where possible.   Hopefully it goes without saying, but knowing exactly what's going to happen at all times is kind of exactly the opposite of adventure. If

  Trekking to the North or South Pole, across Lake Baikal, crossing Greenland or any other kind of sub-zero expedition requires a lot of preparation and dedication, but are hugely rewarding. Here are our top five tips for any polar expedition, to help keep you safe and improve your comfort while on the go.   Trekking breaks should be short and organised You should be resting as often as required, to ensure you’re taking care of your body. But stopping exposes you to the elements and just a few minutes extra could

  When you think about a desert, I’d bet that you think blistering heat, rolling sand dunes, camels and unrelenting sunshine. You’d not be wrong, but this doesn’t cover the whole picture. There are many other types of desert on Earth, 5 in total labelled subtropical, coastal, rain shadow, interior, and polar. Yes, polar. Experts typically label a body of land as a desert when it receives no more than 25cm of rainfall each year, and this means that in all deserts there is a shortage of water enough

Driving halfway round the world in an old tin can So you're thinking of taking on The Mongol Rally or venturing out on your own to take on the landscapes of countries afar. Well, good luck to you. Here are our 8 things you need to know about the Mongol Rally and other trips like it. Tip 1 You'll be driving, a lot I mean, it is a driving holiday. You'll need to be very comfortable in a car, driving a car, pushing a car, fixing a car and sleeping in

A journey around the world   This week, I caught up with two explorers about their time on the Mongol Rally, to find out what it’s really like to experience the greatest road trip on Earth. Barrie and Joe, two young vagabonds set out to cross the world in a Perodua Nippa back in 2015, travelling over 10,000 miles from the UK to the delightful tourist town of Ulan Ude, Russia. One thing was for certain, it was hard to ignore the laughter in their voices at almost every point

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