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November 2020

The best trekking route being created right now The Pamir Trail, I’ve not heard of that before…   Well, that’s because it’s not quite a thing yet. But, thanks to the efforts of Jan Bakker and his colleagues, it soon will be. The Pamir trail is an interconnected network of trekking routes starting around the Fann Mountains in Tajikistan and ending roughly at the Afghan border, spanning over 1000km. Basically, it’s a superhighway under construction with routes, views and challenges to satisfy any kind of expedition you want to lead.   Let’s start

A guide to what it's like to lead expeditions for a job Professional explorer jobs certainly demand from you many things, but they can be hugely rewarding. We spoke with several expedition leaders and all round adventure enthusiasts to find out what it’s actually like working as a qualified expedition guide.   Firstly, becoming an expedition leader isn't an over night move. You need to get some qualifications, plenty of experience in the field, and earn some credibility before anyone in their right mind will put their safety and success in

What are the keys to successful expedition planning? So you’re probably the kind of person who has itchy feet. Not the crusty, athletes foot kind, but the kind that makes you not want to sit still. Me too. I often spend my time writing lists of big bold ideas and places to see. My office at home has a 2 metre world map on it covered in pins and post-it notes of where I want to go next and the things I want to achieve in my life. I

Exploration is a great way to digital detox  We live in a world dominated by technology, that’s no secret. But increasingly we are becoming aware of the negative impacts that an always-connected world has on our health and wellbeing. Everything from blue light to facebook notifications plays a big role in the reduction of sleep quality and the increase in anxiety we each feel.   This problem, as we’ll call it, has increased exponentially year over year and continues to accelerate as new tech pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. Now,

Lake Baikal, Russia: a place of mystery and beauty. A place where stories from the depths of history mix with recent tales of shadowy goings on. And adventurers who dare to cross Lake Baikal get to hear them all. Here's a record of my Lake Baikal crossing. It's a story you must read. Take your time, I'll be here.   And you're back!   No doubt you have some images in mind and you want to know more. Which is good. Consider this guide to crossing Lake Baikal yours. Grab yourself a

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