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April 2021

What is rucking?   Rucking is essentially trekking with a deliberately heavy pack. The idea is to overload your central nervous system for extended periods to strengthen your endurance and power. Essentially, if you can carry a heavier weight for a long distance or time then a lighter weight will be a piece of cake. That’s the idea. Rucking is used in the military and in a lot of strength based sports like Rugby to increase a person's overall strength, will power and endurance over time. Rucking is an awesome (and

You may find, when dreaming of your expedition, that you’re in absence of some vital skills or experience needed to make the venture happen and that you can't do this without some expedition teammates. That’s actually okay- as they say, the first step is acceptance. I understand though, that this perceived lacking is a big preventer for you and can make you feel as though the expedition is impossible or might never happen. It might be that you’re actually super skilled, tough and experienced but you just don’t

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