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September 2021

Having grown up in the ghetto in Bankhead, East Atlanta, it was hard getting by. And there was simply no room for luxuries like travel at the time. However, every night before retiring to bed, I would discreetly browse my dog-eared copy of a hoary National Geographic Traveler edition using a flashlight.   I was raving for a chance to explore the world to see all the gorgeous places and experience all this mystic first hand.   I worked hard at odd jobs, saved every penny I earned and vowed to have

As the dust settles after the rather traumatic past two years, there is a bulging enthusiasm by most outdoor buffs for 2022. So, we decided to put together a shortlist of the best beginner adventures that you can start planning right now. With a global vaccination campaign in place, the COVID-19 pandemic slowly wanes in the rearview, and most countries have started to open up to tourists (with some conditions to be met).   Regardless of our beliefs or culture, we are all united by travel. The adrenaline pump as

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