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December 2021

As a beginner hiker, it can be intimidating knowing which hikes to pick from. Leaping straight in picking the tallest mountain possible for the challenge is never a good idea, and there is a misconception that beginner hikes are too easy and boring. Well with this curated list of  'Best Beginner Hiking Trails in the UK ' you can still be challenged but at a level more suitable for you, plus you can enjoy some beautiful views along the way and visit some historic locations. After all, how

  How is hiking any different from a walk? Effectively, hiking is just a more strenuous version of a walk as typically the terrains you go on are more challenging and you usually find the trails are longer. This means you need to be much more prepared and ready for a hike, which is exactly what this 'hiking for beginners' guide aims to help with.   Hiking for Beginners - What are the Health Benefits of Hiking? As it is quite a high effort form of physical activity hiking results in some

Created by Harvey Peirson   INTRODUCTION This likely isn’t news to you, but Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. Its height is usually measured by its peak’s elevation above sea level, but should mountain heights be measured from their base and not by sea level, the active Hawaiian volcano known as Mauna Kea, from its submerged base to its peak, is around 10 kilometres tall, nearly a whole mile taller than Everest. Even still, its peak is under half the heigh from sea level as Everest, which stands towering

Created by Harvey Peirson     INTRODUCTION At first thought, it might make the most sense to believe that the most dangerous mountain on Earth would be the tallest mountain in the world: the infamous Mount Everest. After all, the taller a mountain is, the more effort is required to reach the top, so the more slip-up’s that you’re likely to make on the way up, right?     ANNAPURNA I MAIN Annapurna I Main is the tenth tallest mountain peak in the world. Located in Nepal, Annapurna I lies on the Annapurna mountain range in

Created by Harvey Peirson     What's it All About? “14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible” reflects the age-old want to reach as high into the clouds as possible. Over millennia, history has recorded the attempts to achieve this with the construction of our tallest structures and our highest altitude vehicles. Our ascent up Earth’s tallest peaks, perhaps the most exposing and thus dangerous method, is also recorded. Mountaineering is just that: a sport, perhaps involving less rules than others, simply involving people going up mountains. Either mountaineers walk or climb up, and hopefully coming

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