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March 2022

  Famous for its many limestone caves, scenic landscapes, and long-distance hiking routes, the Peak District is an incredibly popular destination amongst hikers in Britain ever since it became the first national park to be created in the UK.  However, with so many trails or routes to choose from, picking which hikes to do when you next visit is a hard decision. That's why we've highlighted some of the best Peak District hikes available, so you can add them to your list of must-do trails next time you are

Bikepacking is increasingly common. For the uninitiated, bikepacking is when you ride somewhere with a tent or bivvy bag and sleep in a distant remote area only a bike can get to. As it has become progressively common, the equipment for bikepacking is now light and durable, meaning just about anyone with decent bike skills can do it! However, going on your first bikepacking adventure may be a little daunting. That’s why we will run through the essential kit and best tips to ensure your exploration runs smoothly. WHAT BIKEPACKING EQUIPMENT

Take a Hike Across Ancient Woods, Heaths and Coasts, all in New Forest National Park     INTRODUCTION Located in Hampshire and Wiltshire in Southern England, New Forest was designated as a Royal Forest in 1079 by King William I. This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that it was a dense forest back then more like it is today; a forest can be more akin to a reserve, put to the side for special uses like a royal hunt for the king, which is what William the Conqueror wanted to use this area

  Everyone loves a good challenging hike, but these ones are something else as they are the longest hiking trails in the world. It should be no surprise many of them can be found in North America, which is full of long-distance hiking trails, some of which may make an appearance on this list (usually through being combined with other trails). However, where is the actual longest hiking trail in the world found? Let's look at our list, which increases in the number of kilometres the trails are as

Wild camping may well end up being the best thing you ever do – but it is a bit daunting to start with. In this article, we will put those fears at ease with 7 of the best tips for wild camping. But, before we dive into the trips, it might help to understand the very basics… WHAT ON EARTH IS WILD CAMPING? Well, you probably know otherwise you wouldn’t be here, but we did say we will start with the basics. Wild camping refers to any type of camping outside

INTRODUCTION As someone who likes the outdoors and a lot of organisation in his life, it would be ideal if there was a handy go-to list of itinerary to pack for an outdoor trip. Luckily, such a list has indeed been conjured up… Just imagine: the night before your big expedition into the mountains, there is pile after pile of kit and clothing thrown over your floor and bed, frustrating you as you attempt to get it altogether neatly. You only need to organise what you have and know if

  The hiking snacks you bring can truly make or break your hike. Seriously, as silly as it sounds if you spend your hike regretting not bringing certain snacks with you, or you pick things that just aren't suitable it can really make for a bit of a miserable experience. After all, you want to maintain motivation and energy during your hike, and if you don't have the right snacks that can affect your mindset. When you are hiking, sometimes stopping for a bigger meal isn't plausible and it can

    So, you're a canyoning beginner about to take the plunge? You’ve made the right choice. But still, you may be nervous, or unsure of what to expect – which is all too normal. That’s why this guide is here, to put you at ease and make sure you don’t miss out on the adventure! First things first, canyoning is an exploration adventure where you wetsuit up and get yourself down a gorge, river or – well – canyon, by any means necessary. But nowadays, with a surge in people

Any gift ranging from recycled items of clothing, accessories for hiking, forest-fuelled camping system, or gorgeous books…     INTRODUCTION It's vital to keep our values of living sustainably in mind, even during that festive time of gift giving in December as well. Among the more sustainable ways to venture out to the outdoors is simply by using the great you have at home, and to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. But, before you go out and get those new pieces of kit for you or for anyone else, it’s

  The Pacific Crest Trail is the second-longest hiking trail in the continental United States, with the full estimated length of the Pacific Crest Trail is currently 2650 miles long (4265 km). The length of the trail can vary as it is hard to get an exact measurement as the trail gets rerouted each year, which can add or subtract up to 10 miles. Typically it can be rerouted due to wildfires in the area, better pathways for hikers or just to add nicer scenery. The trail starts in the

It's finally getting warmer so, now you want to brave the outdoors. While camping adventures can be the time of your life, they can go badly – quick. That’s why we will run you through the essential camping essentials to get you back in one piece and with one big smile. 6 ESSENTIAL CAMPING ESSENTIALS While you can go camping in luxury, a ‘friend’ once bought an ‘essential’ shoe-horn camping, that’s not really our style. So, we really are trying to get the barebones of camping so you can finally

In 2021, Much Better Adventures begun their new monthly feature known as the Book Club. This showcased their more recently read books about adventuring and about nature, explaining to you the reasons that these books were loved so much. Today, nine books have made it into the Book Club feature, with topics stretching from ice-axing epic stories and globe-spanning cycles, right up to topics about rediscovering the nature closer to home. So before the Book Club series goes deeper into 2022, here’s a summary of the highlighted nine books

What is Rucking? To get a more in-depth look at rucking we have a guide here for beginners, but this is a more basic rundown. Rucking involves carrying a deliberately heavy pack while trekking. Rucking is mostly used in military training and strength-based sports to strengthen a person’s endurance and power over time.     What is Winter Rucking? So essentially, winter rucking is just rucking but with an added level of difficulty as if it wasn’t already tricky enough. However, winter rucking comes with even more benefits than regular rucking, as it

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