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About us: Echio Adventure


It was in 2017 that I realised that adventure travel was broken. I’d spent that last 5 years working hard on my career, and approaching 30 years old, realised quickly that proper adventures and career professionals don’t quite mix. I’d spent 3 years trying to organise an expedition with friends who were also in the same boat and get our dream expedition to happen.


It never did. Mortgages, weddings, 30th birthdays, kids, careers, all got in the way. There was always something else on, another ‘fortnight in Mauritius’ booked with the fiance, another deadline. It was so difficult to organise all the moving parts- dates, visas, permits, flights, annual leave, costs… the list went on.


And at the same time, I found that existing Adventure Travel companies were just full of gimmicks. 5 day itemised tours with random mixed groups, checking things off a list as you go along. It felt like McDonalds had come along and ruined the Flat White all over again. Starbucks had got their hands on my artisanal adventure beans and made them mass market. It sucked.


The industry had lost sight of what adventure truly is. So I decided I needed to do something about it. I didn’t want to grow old having not experienced all the things I wanted to, to have no stories to tell that didn’t involve a night at the pub. And that’s when I had the idea for Echio Adventure.


Echio Adventure


I believe with my whole being, that adventure is about exposure. It’s about getting lost, getting into trouble, finding peace from your mind through some kind of challenge, and growing as a person. But I understand that achieving this is pretty hard.


For one, it’s a risk, but it’s also complicated to arrange; the paperwork is a nightmare, and it takes too long. Let alone trying to organise a trip for your friends too, forget it.


That’s why at Echio Adventure, we will never try to sell you a trip based on a check list of things to see, or it’s itinerary alone. I’ve made it my mission to find expeditions, challenges and adventures across the world that deliver one thing, and one thing only. Excitement. In 10 years from now, wherever you are, I want you to be able to look back on this decade with a head full of wild stories and a fire in your belly.


So, how does Echio Adventure work?


Glad you asked. It comes down to 3 things, which is what separates Echio from the rest.




My team and I will scour the Earth to bring you the most brilliant, wild, and exciting expeditions, and nothing else. You will not find any 5 day camel rides on this site. Echio is where you find the spirit of adventure, the home of exploration for real people leading busy lives.




Next, we’ll help you to plan your trip. Our planning tool can be used for free and for any trip that you want to plan, even if you’re planning some random adventure that has nothing to do with us. It’s all good. 


The Echio Adventure Planning Tool focuses on organising the key components of any trip. It’s super easy to use:


  • Start with an idea, a destination, or one of our trips
  • Create an account, invite your friends, make a team
  • We’ll generate a to-do list for you, but less boring. You’ll be able to assign people to tasks, add images, comments and links to each item on the list, and move it through each stage until it’s complete
  • Plot your routes using our route planner
  • We’re also going to hook you up with some convenient systems which will make the paperwork, like visas and permits, super easy
  • Store all your flight plans, paper work, ideas, articles and budgets all in one place
  • Once you’re done, you can export the trip so you can see it all offline, when your knee deep in wilderness.




When you’re dreaming of taking on a new challenge, it might be nice to know that you have some kind of backstop for if/when the proverbial sh*t hits the fan. Using our network of expert contacts on the ground, all over the world, we’re going to hook you up with access to the best intel, live updates, guides and tutorials.


If you get into any bother, you should be able to find some advice through our support portal. We’re not there to hold your hand, we’re here as your expedition support crew and you only use us if you want to.


I’m so excited that you’re on your journey to discover the thrill of exploration, and that the Echio Adventure Team can support you in doing so. If you need anything, or have any questions, why not shoot me an email at


Dream Big

Sam, Founder

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