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Whether you wish to cycle, hike, or just generally enjoy yourself, the ever-growing-in-popularity African deserts of Namibia await you.     INTRODUCTION A holiday in Namibia can include anything, from riding fat bikes in the arid Namib Desert, to sight-seeing the wildlife like elephants and zebras on the African plain. Thanks to the efforts of Sports Relief in their 2020 100 Kilometre Challenge, more than a mere few people are going to start opening their mind towards holidaying in various adventurous ways in Namibia. There’s no shortage of variety when it comes

The Benefits of a Fatter Bike and Why You Should Ride One     INTRODUCTION “Fat bike” is probably a term you may not have even heard of before, but you likely know one when you see it. The giveaway is in the name - they are simply bicycles with notably wider tyres, anywhere between four and five inches wide in fact. This is double the width of a regular set of bicycle tyres, which are usually between two and two and a half inches in width. So, why would you want fatter

When Mountain Climbing Gets Tough, These 10 Mountain Summits Let You Start Somewhere.     INTRODUCTION Let’s be real: mountain climbing is not the easiest activity in the world. In fact, it’s far from it; it is a constant grind up to the top, where stopping might only make things harder. This is especially true for the highest mountains in the world, however today we are not interested in those monsters that tower above all else, or the lethal ones like Annapurna; we have to learn to walk before we can run,

Introduction A cycling tour is the perfect way to see an area. You’re not in a car, travelling so fast you miss any splendour; you’re also not walking, travelling so slow you barely see a few miles. It’s the perfect middle ground for exploring places, whilst exercising, being social and having fun. So yeah, cycling tours are pretty great! But, planning anything can be daunting – this is especially true for a cycle tour. Getting people together, planning a route, picking the right time to go; it all becomes difficult

You can see the summit of a mountain you’ve been climbing for some time. Everyone has told you that the views at the top are some of the best you’ll see. It’s a perfect day, not a cloud in sight. You cannot miss this opportunity. But, wait. What’s that? A GIGANTIC LOOSE FIELD OF SHARP ROCKS. Ah. This is where you think, “ I probably should have prepared for not simply walking but using other skills”. Scrambling is a step up from usual hiking. It has a more advanced physical and mental

Organise a Great Kayaking Holiday for Beginners in Norway’s Fjords, Isolated Peninsulas in Japan, and More     INTRODUCTION Paddling in a foreign country’s water in your very own kayak is a dream for many. For many, it remains in their head as just that: a dream, almost unrealistic. However, it’s a lot easier to organise and actually go on a kayak holiday than you might think. There are actually an abundance of locations to kayak at a beginners level - it’s just a matter of finding them. The first of your own

In this article, we will give you 5 simple tips for coping with rain on hikes. In Britain, the best places to hike are amongst the rainiest. So there is always rain on hikes. In fact, due to the wonders of geography, most raised up places often suffer from relief rainfall. This all leads to one stunningly fun conclusion, you’re going to get damp, wet or drenched – unless you can dodge rainfall whilst carrying a rucksack up a hill. Anyway, we want it to chuck it down on the

The UK is full of some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole world, from the traditional and quaint countryside to heather- full moorlands, beautiful coastlines, deep valleys, and majestic forests. It's not surprising then that the majority of Brits love getting out in the fresh air for days out hiking. Whether you are a local Brit or are visiting the UK,  with this list of incredible day hikes in the UK, you will be able to take in all the wonderful sights, wildlife, and history each

A Quick Guide to the Best Locations to go Canoeing and Kayaking in the U.K.     INTRODUCTION Once you’ve picked up an acquired taste for kayaking and/or canoeing, you will naturally begin to ask: where is the best place to actually go kayaking or canoeing? This question is also quite a large one, especially for here; England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland are all full of fun-to-traverse bodies of water, which is what makes kayaking here so special an activity. Here, there’s no shortage of options for any level of paddler - newbie

Bikepacking is increasingly common. For the uninitiated, bikepacking is when you ride somewhere with a tent or bivvy bag and sleep in a distant remote area only a bike can get to. As it has become progressively common, the equipment for bikepacking is now light and durable, meaning just about anyone with decent bike skills can do it! However, going on your first bikepacking adventure may be a little daunting. That’s why we will run through the essential kit and best tips to ensure your exploration runs smoothly. WHAT BIKEPACKING EQUIPMENT

  Everyone loves a good challenging hike, but these ones are something else as they are the longest hiking trails in the world. It should be no surprise many of them can be found in North America, which is full of long-distance hiking trails, some of which may make an appearance on this list (usually through being combined with other trails). However, where is the actual longest hiking trail in the world found? Let's look at our list, which increases in the number of kilometres the trails are as

Wild camping may well end up being the best thing you ever do – but it is a bit daunting to start with. In this article, we will put those fears at ease with 7 of the best tips for wild camping. But, before we dive into the trips, it might help to understand the very basics… WHAT ON EARTH IS WILD CAMPING? Well, you probably know otherwise you wouldn’t be here, but we did say we will start with the basics. Wild camping refers to any type of camping outside

INTRODUCTION As someone who likes the outdoors and a lot of organisation in his life, it would be ideal if there was a handy go-to list of itinerary to pack for an outdoor trip. Luckily, such a list has indeed been conjured up… Just imagine: the night before your big expedition into the mountains, there is pile after pile of kit and clothing thrown over your floor and bed, frustrating you as you attempt to get it altogether neatly. You only need to organise what you have and know if

Any gift ranging from recycled items of clothing, accessories for hiking, forest-fuelled camping system, or gorgeous books…     INTRODUCTION It's vital to keep our values of living sustainably in mind, even during that festive time of gift giving in December as well. Among the more sustainable ways to venture out to the outdoors is simply by using the great you have at home, and to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. But, before you go out and get those new pieces of kit for you or for anyone else, it’s

It's finally getting warmer so, now you want to brave the outdoors. While camping adventures can be the time of your life, they can go badly – quick. That’s why we will run you through the essential camping essentials to get you back in one piece and with one big smile. 6 ESSENTIAL CAMPING ESSENTIALS While you can go camping in luxury, a ‘friend’ once bought an ‘essential’ shoe-horn camping, that’s not really our style. So, we really are trying to get the barebones of camping so you can finally

Created by Harvey Peirson   INTRODUCTION: Training for an Expedition Training for an expedition is one large task to set yourself. To walk through difficult and potentially hostile terrain all for the sake of reaching Point B is not something that most people would set out to do just because they could. Expeditions are mentally and physically demanding, and unless you are a veteran hiker with years of experience under your belt, it is likely that you will need to make some adjustments to your daily routine if you would wish

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