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What you need to know   Mount Elbrus is a dormant volcano (volcanic mountain) located in the Russian Caucasus Mountains, and it stands at 5,642 meters making it the highest peak in Europe. Because it’s the highest peak in Europe it’s also one of the 7 summits- the highest peak on each continent, making this mountain a must if you want to complete this amazing challenge.   So why should you climb Elbrus?   Well, for starters it’s the highest freakin’ mountain in Europe, so you’ll immediately gain bragging rights and life-goal achievements. But

Introduction: How to climb Mount Kilimanjaro   So, you’re thinking of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? You’ve been lured in by all the tales of glory, wonder and the beauty of Tanzania and you want to get yourself a slice of that pie. That’s just marvellous, I think.   Kili is a romantic mountain; infamous and iconic and yet accessible, so really it’s a perfect first mountain to climb. Let’s start with the jaw dropping facts, shall we? Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest free standing mountain in the world, it’s also the highest mountain

A guide to what it's like to lead expeditions for a job Professional explorer jobs certainly demand from you many things, but they can be hugely rewarding. We spoke with several expedition leaders and all round adventure enthusiasts to find out what it’s actually like working as a qualified expedition guide.   Firstly, becoming an expedition leader isn't an over night move. You need to get some qualifications, plenty of experience in the field, and earn some credibility before anyone in their right mind will put their safety and success in

What are the keys to successful expedition planning? So you’re probably the kind of person who has itchy feet. Not the crusty, athletes foot kind, but the kind that makes you not want to sit still. Me too. I often spend my time writing lists of big bold ideas and places to see. My office at home has a 2 metre world map on it covered in pins and post-it notes of where I want to go next and the things I want to achieve in my life. I

Exploration is a great way to digital detox  We live in a world dominated by technology, that’s no secret. But increasingly we are becoming aware of the negative impacts that an always-connected world has on our health and wellbeing. Everything from blue light to facebook notifications plays a big role in the reduction of sleep quality and the increase in anxiety we each feel.   This problem, as we’ll call it, has increased exponentially year over year and continues to accelerate as new tech pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. Now,

Lake Baikal, Russia: a place of mystery and beauty. A place where stories from the depths of history mix with recent tales of shadowy goings on. And adventurers who dare to cross Lake Baikal get to hear them all. Here's a record of my Lake Baikal crossing. It's a story you must read. Take your time, I'll be here.   And you're back!   No doubt you have some images in mind and you want to know more. Which is good. Consider this guide to crossing Lake Baikal yours. Grab yourself a

A guide to earning money from exploring   Before we talk about becoming a professional explorer, let's set the scene a little. Exploration of the world is the fuel that feeds the fires in millions of people. In fact, the innate need to explore and discover stems largely from the development of our species and our quest to acquire and consume new food sources.   Going right back to the first Homo Sapiens, who gradually made their way on foot, and without modern clothing at all, all the way up through

3 Best Sub-Zero Expeditions Have you been toying with the idea of taking part in a polar expedition, but as a beginner you’re finding it difficult to work out what the best option is for you? Setting off on a full distance ski to the Geographic North Pole is probably too far out of your comfort zone but walking up a frost-dusted hill in Cumbria doesn’t have you rippling with excitement. What you need is something that straddles the borders between truly wild places and the reassurance that comes with

I'm glad you're reading this. It means you've got the adventure spark inside you and you want to explore where it can take you. Let me start by saying that there are many more than 9 reasons why you should go on an adventure, take on challenges and tackle expeditions, but these are the 9 that I've chosen as the most important.   Adventures expose you to new stimulus    Planning an adventure, can be a thoroughly enjoyable experience, filled with excitement and new challenges. You’ll need to learn new things to

Going on adventures is the key to a happy life Theres a big difference between having an adventure, and going on an adventure holiday. The former involves the unknown, challenge, exposure and risk whereas the latter seems to be the kind of thing your auntie Pat does to get a taste of something different and prove she's still got it.    In my opinion, it's important for your development into the awesome future-you that you understand the difference between 'having' an adventure and trying to buy one. Having adventures is like

  Antarctica. Arguably the most famous continent for exploration in its raw and natural form, and rightly so. The breathtaking landscapes, seemingly impenetrable from afar, swooping along the horizon as far as you can see are truly a sight to behold. It’s almost unimaginable, the enormity and power of the impact it can have on a person, when they gaze upon the white masses for the first time as they edge into view. The Antarctic, truly, is the embodiment of exploration and adventure. Very few people ever get to

At Echio, we scout The Earth to find the most daring, exciting and ridiculous expeditions and adventures, and we help you plan your expedition using our planning tool. So we'd like to take the time to explain what the heck an expedition challenge is, and hopefully spark the spirit of adventure in your explorer-heart. What is an expedition challenge?   Expedition {noun: a journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration or research}   An expedition challenge is attempting a particularly unusual, exciting or daring journey,

What are the differences between the Arctic and Antarctic? It’s easy to imagine the Arctic and Antarctic as the same thing, no one would blame you as visually it might be hard to tell the difference without having any experience of either. So, we’ve put together some key differences between the two, and how this impacts expeditions to the North and South Poles and more. There are several differences we can break down by category: Climate Wildlife  Geography   Arctic and Antarctic animals     In general, there are far more species of animals living

  When it comes to expedition planning, there really is a balance to be had. Too much detail and you'll know what's around every corner, too little and you could find yourself in quite a bit of doo-doo. Here are our 5 ways to balance the planning of your trip to maximise adventure.   Our adventure planning tool helps you plan your expedition perfectly.   Take calculated risks where possible.   Hopefully it goes without saying, but knowing exactly what's going to happen at all times is kind of exactly the opposite of adventure. If

  Trekking to the North or South Pole, across Lake Baikal, crossing Greenland or any other kind of sub-zero expedition requires a lot of preparation and dedication, but are hugely rewarding. Here are our top five tips for any polar expedition, to help keep you safe and improve your comfort while on the go.   Trekking breaks should be short and organised You should be resting as often as required, to ensure you’re taking care of your body. But stopping exposes you to the elements and just a few minutes extra could

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