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Explorer profile: Ann Daniels, Polar Explorer

Ann Daniels is a World Record holding polar explorer, part of the first all women’s team to make it to both the North and the South Poles in 2002. Ann is now a leader in the field of Polar Exploration and research and motivational speaker.

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Ann Daniels Polar ExplorerWho is Ann Daniels?

Ann Daniels is a polar explorer. Not just any polar explorer though, but a record setting polar explorer. In 2002, Ann Daniels and teammate Caroline Hamilton became the first women ever to ski to both the North and the South Poles.


We’re not talking about “skiing the last degree” here either. On their expedition to the North Pole, the team set out from land, skiing hundreds of miles to the North Pole enduring frost bite, 3 storms and swimming through open water (due to climate change) in order to get there.


Ann’s gone on to lead multiple research expeditions in the polar regions, taking charge of safety and navigation in areas of the world where temperatures are consistently -40C or lower. Possibly of highest significance out of these was the Catlin Arctic Survey (2009,10,11) which was a research expedition to study the quality of the ice and provide vital data on global warming.


How to get into polar exploration


Ann started her career as an explorer as a single mother of 3 triplets. I emphasise this as we all know how hard a job it is to raise children, but alone and with triplets I think stands as testament to Anns will power and patience!


Ann spotted an advert calling for “ordinary woman” to be part of the first relay race to the South Pole. The team of 20 women would be divided into groups, each owning 1 section of the 700 mile expedition in the bleakest, coldest place on Earth. After much training in her free time, juggling life and the children, Ann became strong and resilient… and was chosen to be a part of the team.


Hooked immediately, Ann’s love of nature fuelled fiercely her fire to continue and her determination to achieve more amazing feats in the polar regions- pushing her to the North Pole, South Pole again (full expedition) and ultimately into the profession she was born to do.


Where can you find Ann?

Insta: @anndanielsgb
TEDx: Our Corrosive Oceans


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