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Explorer profile: Dixie Dansercoer, Polar Explorer

Dixie Dansercoer is a record breaking polar explorer. He’s crossed the Antarctic continent end to end via The South Pole, written 27 guide books and now runs polar expeditions as a guide. 

Check out our podcast with Dixie

Dixie Dansercoer, polar explorerDixie Dansercoer, polar explorer


Dixie Dansercoer is a record breaking Polar Explorer, who specialises in sub-zero expeditions and guides professionally to the North and South Pole, as well as Greenland. He’s also a specialist in a variety of sports, and holds world records in high altitude mountain biking. Dixie famously deploys kites in order to advance at speed across frozen plateaus, the kites make use of the powerful winds, and mean that explorers can be pulled along on skis towing their pulkas behind. If you’re looking for a genuine polar guide, or inspiration to complete your goals, then Dixie Dansercoer is a model icon!




Show notes


In this episode, Dixie and I chatted at length about his expeditions to the North Pole. In particular, his many encounters with polar bears and his advice and guidance of what to do in these situations. We also touched on navigation, in a place where landmarks are few and far between and so you must be able to read the weather, and learned lots about Dixies approach to these challenges.

Expedition planning and the daily life at the poles is like a dance, Dixie says. You must be in rhythm with your teams mates and complete you labour almost robotically to ensure everyone is safe and that you can reach your goal. Dixie talked through the processes of daily life on a polar expedition and his role as the expedition leader.

Life as a professional explorer has a good impact on your home life, and so we spoke about the challenges that long and dangerous expeditions play on family life. Dixie offers some warm words of encouragement and heart felt anecdotes for his lifestyle, and about how the extremes of his job really help him to focus on enjoying the smaller pleasures of life.



More on Dixie Dansercoer


Here are some of the places where you can find Dixies projects, and updates:

Instagram: @Dixie.dansercoer
Twitter: @Dixiedansercoer


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