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Explorer profile: Jasper Gibson, photographer

Jasper can usually be found deep in the mountains pulling gnarly moves on his skis, or conducting kayak support ski expeditions with his buddies in his home ranges in Idaho and Utah. Professional photographer, explorer and writer.

Check out our podcast with Jasper

Jasper Gibson adventure photographerJasper Gibson: Adventure Photographer


Who is Jasper Gibson? Well, Jasper lives life fast and loose as a professional adventure photographer, shooting world class white water kayakers, skiers and climbers. He’s also had work featured in Sidetracked Magazine, Outside Magazine, and worked with amazing adventure brands like The North Face, Patagonia, Red Bull, Mountain Hardware and many more.


Hailing from Idaho but currently residing in Utah, Jasper has basically been surrounded by the mountains and rivers his entire life. In fact, his parents used to ski with him as a baby strapped to his mothers back… So it would be hard to deny such a child entry into the world of professional adventure photography, it was fated. A typical year is filled with short mini trips and usually one larger daring expedition. Remember, this guy hangs out with the world’s best, so his expeditions are not for the faint of heart.


In this episode we’re chatting with Jasper about his recent ascent of Mt Scotsimpon, via a sea kayaked support ski route along the Stikine River. This 18 day exploit involved navigating frozen rivers which regularly broke through, wild camping in bear country (listen to the episode to hear about their grizzly encounter), climbing through densely forested frozen slopes, avoiding avalanches and free solo climbing sheer rock faces.


Where can I follow Jasper Gibson?


His Blog:
Instagram: @jasper.gibson

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