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Explorer profile: Natalie Gibb, professional cave diver

Natalie Gibb is the cofounder of Under the Jungle Dive Shop in Mexico, and is a leading professional in remote underwater cave exploration. Nat regularly dives down in complete darkness, into toxic waters and unchartered cave systems to see what she can find. 

Check out our podcast with Natalie

natalie gibb, under the jungleWho is Natalie Gibb?


Natalie Gibb runs a cave diving school; Under The Jungle Dive Shop in Xpu Ha, Mexico with her best friend and business partner Vincent Roquette-Cathala. By the sounds of this statement alone, you’re probably picturing beautiful sandy beaches, stunning aquatic life beneath the ocean and the chilled vibes of Tulum and Playa Del Carmen… and you’d be right. But, there’s a little more to UTJ (Under the Jungle…) than you might expect, at least.


That’s because Under The Jungle specialise in cave diving and technical cave diving, not necessarily your traditional scuba. Cave diving, particularly in this part of the world, involves exploration under the ground through networks of caves and Cenotes. Hence the name…Under the Jungle. This means divers really have to know what they’re doing, and that’s why Under The Jungle exists.


Travelling sometimes for hundreds of feet below a rock ceiling and under the water, passing through narrow tunnels, undergrowth and microbial vegetation, and with visibility from 100% (“oh my god it’s so beautiful!”) to 0% (“**** me, where am I?!”), Nat describes cave diving as thrilling, meditative (yes, meditative!), and beautiful.


In this episode of Expedition REAL, we spoke with Nat about the wonders of diving in her long career so far. At the start I really had not much clue about it, but after just an hour of chit chat, I’m now convinced that diving could be a sport just right for me.


Nat talks at length about her discovery of Medusa, a cave flooded with toxic Hydrogen Sulphide water (that stinks of eggs and burns your skin), and the elite level of preparedness Nat had to be in, in order to complete her exploratory dives. Now sure that there is much, much more to explore down there, Natalie Gibb and her team at UTJ are on a mission to continue to search for additional passageways.


Check out our conversation to here all about it!


About Under The Jungle

You can find out a bunch of information on Under the Jungle here:

Their website 

Their Instagram

In Side Tracked Mag (volume 19) 

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