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INTRODUCTION Located on the border between France and Italy, Mont Blanc (“White Mountain”) is the tallest mountain in the Alps and the highest mountain in Western Europe, with its peak reaching 4,807 metres (15,773 feet) into the sky. Being such a tall mountain on the border of rich, highly populated nations in an already highly visited mountain range in the world, Mont Blanc is a very popular destination for people seeking to take part in outdoor adventurous activities such as hiking, trail running and climbing, and winter sports such

The Lake District, Cumbria, is a place well known for its wondrous landscapes and rugged mountain fells so it is no surprise that the highest mountain in England would be located there. Scafell Pike, at a height of 978m (3209ft) is widely considered to be one of the most difficult climbs in all of the Lake District yet despite this reputation still remains a very popular mountain for people to visit. More than 250,000 people climb Scafell Pike each year, and as you can imagine, reaching the summit offers

INTRODUCTION Sitting in the North Atlantic Ocean just south of the North Pole’s ice caps, Greenland is the world’s largest island, covering 836,000 square miles (2,165,230 square kilometres) of land. The majority of this land is covered in ice for most of the year, with the exception of much of the coastline, which blossoms with colourful plant life for a few summer months. 88% of the people who live here are native Innuits, the descendants of North America’s first explorers hundreds of years ago, who mostly inhabit the more

Canada is well known for its beautiful scenes and landscapes, especially with its vast array of forests, mountains and lakes. Its full of perfect places to go hiking, with its many national parks and trails that can take you all across the country. With so much to offer it can be hard to find which hikes best suit you and which will give you the sights you have to see in Canada. That is why we bring you this list of the '10 Best Hiking Trails in Canada', showcasing

When someone says “New York”, the first image that might typically come to mind would be the highly populated city itself: a bustling concrete jungle home to millions, and a city that never sleeps. However, the state of New York itself is home to much more than large cities; tucked away in the north-east of the state, the Adirondack Mountain Range is perhaps the best place to hike in New York, and it’s really not too far from the Big Apple itself. Home to beautiful waterfalls, high peaks,

  32 year old Captain Harpreet Chandi (aka Polar Preet), an Indian- origin British Sikh Army officer and physiotherapist, created history on January 3 2022 by becoming the first woman of colour to complete a solo expedition across Antarctica. Chandi has now become the first person to reach the South Pole on foot in two years as well as the third fastest woman to trek across the continent. Her Trek To The South Pole On November 24 2021 she began her expedition after flying from Chile South America to Antarctica and

It’s winter! That either means people are ready to capitalise on the colder season and get even more snow than usual, or get away from it for a little and head to sunnier grounds. With that in mind, I figured I’d compile a winter adventures bucket list of highly attractive destinations across the world - sunny or snowy - that have appealed as hotspot tourist destinations come this time of year. From your neighbouring state to the more extreme parts of the world, and in no particular order, here’s

  Mount Olympus, located in north east Greece between the border of Thessaly and Macedonia, is the tallest mountain in Greece and the 2nd tallest in the Balkans. It has 52 separate peaks spread out across the mountain, which are snow-capped 8 months of the year and are hidden by the clouds the rest of the time. The highest and most difficult of these peaks, Mytikas, rises to 2917m /9570 ft. The mountain is also known to hold strong historical, cultural and natural significance to Greece.   Ancient Greek Mythology Most notably,

As a beginner hiker, it can be intimidating knowing which hikes to pick from. Leaping straight in a picking the tallest mountain possible for the challenge is never a good idea, and theses a misconception beginner hikes are too easy and boring. Well with this list of  'Best Beginner UK Hiking Trails' you can still be challenged but at a level more suitable for you, plus you can enjoy some beautiful views along the way and visit some historic locations. After all, how great does it sound to

  To begin with, what actually is hiking and how is it any different to a walk? Effectively, hiking is just a more strenuous version of a walk as typically the terrains you go on are more challenging and you usually find the trails are longer. This means you need to be much more prepared and ready for a hike, which is exactly what this 'hiking for beginners' guide aims to help with.   The Health Benefits of Hiking   First let’s quickly go through some of the benefits of hiking to your health, mind

INTRO This likely isn’t news to you, but Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. Its height is usually measured by its peak’s elevation above sea level, but should mountain heights be measured from their base and not by sea level, the active Hawaiian volcano known as Mauna Kea, from its submerged base to its peak, is around 10 kilometres tall, nearly a whole mile taller than Everest. Even still, its peak is under half the heigh from sea level as Everest, which stands towering above all

INTRODUCTION At first thought, it might make the most sense to believe that the most dangerous mountain on Earth would be the tallest mountain in the world: the infamous Mount Everest. After all, the taller a mountain is, the more effort is required to reach the top, so the more slip-up’s that you’re likely to make on the way up, right? ANNAPURNA I MAIN Annapurna I Main is the tenth tallest mountain peak in the world. Located in Nepal, Annapurna I lies on the Annapurna mountain range in the Himalayas, towering

Having grown up in the ghetto in Bankhead, East Atlanta, it was hard getting by. And there was simply no room for luxuries like travel at the time. However, every night before retiring to bed, I would discreetly browse my dog-eared copy of a hoary National Geographic Traveler edition using a flashlight.   I was raving for a chance to explore the world to see all the gorgeous places and experience all this mystic first hand.   I worked hard at odd jobs, saved every penny I earned and vowed to have

As the dust settles after the rather traumatic past two years, there is a bulging enthusiasm by most outdoor buffs for 2022. So, we decided to put together a shortlist of the best beginner adventures that you can start planning right now. With a global vaccination campaign in place, the COVID-19 pandemic slowly wanes in the rearview, and most countries have started to open up to tourists (with some conditions to be met).   Regardless of our beliefs or culture, we are all united by travel. The adrenaline pump as

What is rucking?   Rucking is essentially trekking with a deliberately heavy pack. The idea is to overload your central nervous system for extended periods to strengthen your endurance and power. Essentially, if you can carry a heavier weight for a long distance or time then a lighter weight will be a piece of cake. That’s the idea. Rucking is used in the military and in a lot of strength based sports like Rugby to increase a person's overall strength, will power and endurance over time. Rucking is an awesome (and

You may find, when dreaming of your expedition, that you’re in absence of some vital skills or experience needed to make the venture happen and that you can't do this without some expedition teammates. That’s actually okay- as they say, the first step is acceptance. I understand though, that this perceived lacking is a big preventer for you and can make you feel as though the expedition is impossible or might never happen. It might be that you’re actually super skilled, tough and experienced but you just don’t

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