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As the dust settles after the rather traumatic past two years, there is a bulging enthusiasm by most outdoor buffs for 2022. So, we decided to put together a shortlist of the best beginner adventures that you can start planning right now. With a global vaccination campaign in place, the COVID-19 pandemic slowly wanes in the rearview, and most countries have started to open up to tourists (with some conditions to be met).   Regardless of our beliefs or culture, we are all united by travel. The adrenaline pump as

What is rucking?   Rucking is essentially trekking with a deliberately heavy pack. The idea is to overload your central nervous system for extended periods to strengthen your endurance and power. Essentially, if you can carry a heavier weight for a long distance or time then a lighter weight will be a piece of cake. That’s the idea. Rucking is used in the military and in a lot of strength based sports like Rugby to increase a person's overall strength, will power and endurance over time. Rucking is an awesome (and

You may find, when dreaming of your expedition, that you’re in absence of some vital skills or experience needed to make the venture happen and that you can't do this without some expedition teammates. That’s actually okay- as they say, the first step is acceptance. I understand though, that this perceived lacking is a big preventer for you and can make you feel as though the expedition is impossible or might never happen. It might be that you’re actually super skilled, tough and experienced but you just don’t

A professional explorer, also known as expedition leader, expedition guide or adventurer, is someone whose job it is to explore the world. There are many different ways to enjoy such a profession, and even more routes of entry, making excellent expedition leadership more of an art than a science. So we caught up with a few of our record setting pro explorer friends to get their top tips for anyone looking to explore the planet full time.   Firstly I’ll answer a couple of your burning questions..   What is professional expedition

When JRR Tolkien dreamt up the sweeping wildernesses of Middle Earth, the rolling thunder and blackened, ashen lands riddled with fire, treacherous mountains with crevasses so deep that at midday, not even a glimmer of light reaches the bottom, and wild brashen grasslands that blanket volcanic landscapes, he was probably thinking about Iceland. The only reason New Line Cinema chose New Zealand for the set is because pints are cheaper and they needed the budget to buy lozenges for Andy Serkis’ voicebox.   So if I’ve done a good enough

What to pack for extreme cold   The extreme cold demands respect, and consideration of appropriate clothing and kit. Now, we don’t always take ourselves totally seriously here at Echio, but when it comes to these kinds of climes, you really do need to be focussed and prepared. In some regions, temperatures plummet to -50c, with the coldest temperature on record being -89.2C in Antarctica 1983.   So believe me when I say, it does get nippy

All our thoughts on Exploration and Adventure Are we are a company built around the experience and beauty of pure adventure, I thought I’d write up some notes on just what an adventure is, and all the information that you need to know about them. Expeditions are supposed to challenging, so this article is not intended to make things easy for you, rather, to hopefully encourage you to take bigger and bolder steps out of your comfort zone.   Opinions on Adventure/Expeditions   The word “adventure” gets thrown around like the word “love”

Overlanding is a pastime that involves journeying over land (obviously), typically by car, and typically across vast expanses like deserts or jungles. Usually, you’d choose a base 4x4 and gradually modify the vehicle based on the requirements for general purpose offroading and specific offroading challenges for each trip. Offroading tyres, a winch, roof tent, that sort of thing. As you’d expect, Land Rovers, Toyotas, Mitsubishis are your standard steed for this type of thing… sensible, incredible and traditional. It’s not uncommon to find some magnificent military grade rigs

The Mountaineering FAQ Always imagined yourself as a bucking new explorer, frosty-faced, wrapped in fur and taking natures punches straight to the face? Excellent. Mountains are the place the be, in that case, as they are almost guaranteed to give the senses a good kicking. But climbing mountains is a very broad topic, and it's quite the trick to know exactly where to start, especially as a beginner and pick your next Earth Lump to conquer. So, In the spirit of making things easier, we've created a list of

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