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Whether you wish to cycle, hike, or just generally enjoy yourself, the ever-growing-in-popularity African deserts of Namibia await you.     INTRODUCTION A holiday in Namibia can include anything, from riding fat bikes in the arid Namib Desert, to sight-seeing the wildlife like elephants and zebras on the African plain. Thanks to the efforts of Sports Relief in their 2020 100 Kilometre Challenge, more than a mere few people are going to start opening their mind towards holidaying in various adventurous ways in Namibia. There’s no shortage of variety when it comes

The Benefits of a Fatter Bike and Why You Should Ride One     INTRODUCTION “Fat bike” is probably a term you may not have even heard of before, but you likely know one when you see it. The giveaway is in the name - they are simply bicycles with notably wider tyres, anywhere between four and five inches wide in fact. This is double the width of a regular set of bicycle tyres, which are usually between two and two and a half inches in width. So, why would you want fatter

Organise a Great Kayaking Holiday for Beginners in Norway’s Fjords, Isolated Peninsulas in Japan, and More     INTRODUCTION Paddling in a foreign country’s water in your very own kayak is a dream for many. For many, it remains in their head as just that: a dream, almost unrealistic. However, it’s a lot easier to organise and actually go on a kayak holiday than you might think. There are actually an abundance of locations to kayak at a beginners level - it’s just a matter of finding them. The first of your own

By now it is well known to us the importance of getting outdoors to help with our physical health and mood. "Being outdoors in nature can be healing and beneficial for the body and mind," says Erica Price, who is a certified therapeutic recreational specialist at Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital. And it is true! There is nothing like getting out into the fresh air surrounded by nature and being beamed down upon by the sun as a way to relieve stress and anxiety from ourselves. Now that it is

Take a Hike Across Ancient Woods, Heaths and Coasts, all in New Forest National Park     INTRODUCTION Located in Hampshire and Wiltshire in Southern England, New Forest was designated as a Royal Forest in 1079 by King William I. This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that it was a dense forest back then more like it is today; a forest can be more akin to a reserve, put to the side for special uses like a royal hunt for the king, which is what William the Conqueror wanted to use this area

INTRODUCTION As someone who likes the outdoors and a lot of organisation in his life, it would be ideal if there was a handy go-to list of itinerary to pack for an outdoor trip. Luckily, such a list has indeed been conjured up… Just imagine: the night before your big expedition into the mountains, there is pile after pile of kit and clothing thrown over your floor and bed, frustrating you as you attempt to get it altogether neatly. You only need to organise what you have and know if

Any gift ranging from recycled items of clothing, accessories for hiking, forest-fuelled camping system, or gorgeous books…     INTRODUCTION It's vital to keep our values of living sustainably in mind, even during that festive time of gift giving in December as well. Among the more sustainable ways to venture out to the outdoors is simply by using the great you have at home, and to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. But, before you go out and get those new pieces of kit for you or for anyone else, it’s

In 2021, Much Better Adventures begun their new monthly feature known as the Book Club. This showcased their more recently read books about adventuring and about nature, explaining to you the reasons that these books were loved so much. Today, nine books have made it into the Book Club feature, with topics stretching from ice-axing epic stories and globe-spanning cycles, right up to topics about rediscovering the nature closer to home. So before the Book Club series goes deeper into 2022, here’s a summary of the highlighted nine books

Created by Harvey Peirson   INTRODUCTION: Training for an Expedition Training for an expedition is one large task to set yourself. To walk through difficult and potentially hostile terrain all for the sake of reaching Point B is not something that most people would set out to do just because they could. Expeditions are mentally and physically demanding, and unless you are a veteran hiker with years of experience under your belt, it is likely that you will need to make some adjustments to your daily routine if you would wish

Created by Harvey Peirson     INTRODUCTION If you want to mix your love of beautiful scenery with your love of travelling on the open road with your love of being eco-friendly, then touring Scotland in an electric car is definitely for you. A holiday in a self-driving car is also becoming more and more of an option for people too, as self-driving cars become more and more widely available, birthing more diverse models to choose from - there has not been a more ideal time for touring Scotland in an electric

Created by Harvey Peirson     INTRODUCTION I’m sure at one point or another, we’ve all imagined what it would be like to stand on top of Everest, and other extreme peaks in the world. However, there have only been a few thousand throughout history that have stepped foot that high up. As the old saying goes, you have to learn to walk before you can run, and likewise, when it comes to mountaineering for beginners, it’s better to learn to climb the easier mountains before taking on the bigger ones. So,

Created by Harvey Peirson   INTRODUCTION Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost. Surely everyone at one point or another in their life has imagined going on a road trip across the continental United States. to travel across America conjures up the image of vast open landscapes being sawn in half by an arrow-straight, empty highway, almost as if it were laid there just for you, so you and your friends can wind the windows down and blast out your favourite tunes, passing by deserts, mountains, flat plains and homely,

Created by Harvey Peirson   INTRODUCTION Essentially, truck camping allows you to take a mobile home pretty much everywhere with you. It gives you the freedom of seeing the great outdoors and Mother Nature at her prettiest, while also giving you the added freedom of travelling just about anywhere, in added comfort and with added speed that trekking or hiking simply can’t give you. And it’s a massive industry; recreational truck camping pulls in over $20 US dollars every year, and with over 56% of truck campers saying they’d go again sometime

Created by Harvey Peirson   INTRODUCTION The Siberian Marathon is hard. A standard marathon is of course already a tough grind; it will take months of preparation to get ready to complete those twenty-six long, sweaty and tiring miles of running, all while you are surrounded by hundreds of equally heavily-panting strangers. None of this is exactly everyone’s idea of the average nice day out, that's for sure - it takes determination. The TCS New York City Marathon courses through all five NYC boroughs and draws an estimated 2 million spectators each year.

Created by Harvey Peirson   INTRODUCTION Located on the border between France and Italy, Mont Blanc (“White Mountain”) is the tallest mountain in the Alps and the highest mountain in Western Europe, with its peak reaching 4,807 metres (15,773 feet) into the sky. Being such a tall mountain on the border of rich, highly populated nations in an already highly visited mountain range in the world, Mont Blanc is a very popular destination for people seeking to take part in outdoor adventurous activities such as hiking, trail running and climbing, and winter

Created by Harvey Peirson   INTRODUCTION Sitting in the North Atlantic Ocean just south of the North Pole’s ice caps, Greenland is the world’s largest island, covering 836,000 square miles (2,165,230 square kilometres) of land. The majority of this land is covered in ice for most of the year, with the exception of much of the coastline, which blossoms with colourful plant life for a few summer months. 88% of the people who live here are native Innuits, the descendants of North America’s first explorers hundreds of years ago, who mostly

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