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expedition challenge

Expedition Challenges, what are they?

At Echio, we scout The Earth to find the most daring, exciting and ridiculous expeditions and adventures, and we help you plan your expedition using our planning tool. So we’d like to take the time to explain what the heck an expedition challenge is, and hopefully spark the spirit of adventure in your explorer-heart.

What is an expedition challenge?

Expedition {noun: a journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration or research}
An expedition challenge is attempting a particularly unusual, exciting or daring journey, just to see if you can. For too long now, ‘adventures’ have been packaged up and sold to us, with their perfectly formed itineraries and checklist of experiences. Expedition challenges are the opposite. By attempting an expedition challenge, you’re setting yourself against Mother Nature in a bid to see who will win. It’s a simple formula really:
1 crew of explorers + (slightly inappropriate) mode of transport + challenging journey from A to B = Expedition challenge
Here are some examples:

What makes expedition challenges so great?

Well, where do we start?
Firstly, the beautiful and authentic process of planning an expedition. this is something that genuinely exposes you to the culture and elements of each location, its terrain, and its people. You can’t get this any other way, and our expedition planning tool makes it convenient and enjoyable.

Problem solving

With any expedition challenge, you never really know what you’re going to come up against, and that’s kinda the point. We don’t just mean set backs and obstacles, but great people and very, very strange yet funny encounters too.
“Our starter motor failed in the desert and we thought we were done for, but luckily for us Mongolian people are very resourceful. A 10 year old boy fixed the component in a shed with a soldering iron and got us back on the road in a couple of hours!”


What’s better than feeling proud of yourself? Attempting crazy things, even if you don’t complete the task, gives you a sense of accomplishment that you literally can’t get anywhere else.


Probably the best bit in all honesty, and the bit everyone wants to hear about. Yes, people will actually want to hear about your trip, and you’ll have tales to tell at the family bbq for decades to come.


Exposing yourself to other environments, challenges, stresses and obstacles is the surest way to reflect on ‘normal life’. To use the proverbial old chestnut, expedition challenges build character. Which is not only good for making life a bit less boring, but also comes in handy on CVs… so it’s a win win.

expedition challenge - desertAre expedition challenges safe?

In short, yes. Expedition challenges are about the spirit of adventure, not the size of the task. Attempting to get to the shops and back on a space hopper, or crossing The Lambert-Fisher Glacier alone and on foot are two members of the same family (at opposite ends of the scale, of course).
This is where Echio comes into it’s own. Our expedition planner helps you to map out your expedition in full, carefully leaving enough room for the exciting thrill of the un-expected, but making sure you’ve covered all the bases for safety and equipment. We help you find a suitable challenge based on your appetite and experience, and then set you loose on your own, original and authentic adventure.

Who can go on an expedition challenge?

The oldest person to summit Mount Everest was 80 years old. So, really, anyone can challenge themselves to any degree they like. For normal people, that is, people without god-like fitness and endurance, expedition challenges are pretty accessible. You just need the spirit to try. Many can be driven/ridden, and the size and scale of the journey depends on how crazy you are to take it on. Expedition challenges vary in length, cost and difficulty, so you can attempt one if you’re working full time and have kids at home, or if you’re what your granny might call a whippersnapper and can basically do what you want whenever you want. We have all kinds of challenges available for pretty much anyone.

How do I get involved?

To get involved in any of our trips, head to our expeditions page. You can also sign up for our newsletter to hear about new and exclusive trips as they come out!
We’re always looking to hear your personal adventure stories, so follow us on social media or get in touch today to have your story featured on our pages.

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